Roto VR Chair: This Amazing Chair Can Give You the Ultimate VR Experience!

Virtual reality is fast becoming a favorite pastime for those that have always loved video games but are looking for a new way to play in which they can use all their senses and immerse themselves completely into an interactive world.

Virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment that the user can fully interact with in a more realistic and physical way. Many different pieces of equipment can help the user gain the full experience of the virtual reality world. There are headsets with built-in screens and gloves fitted with sensors, just to name a couple.

The entire idea behind virtual reality gameplay is to block out any outside interference that may get in the way of the full gaming experience. All sensory input from the outside world is taken away so that visual and auditory cues in the virtual world can feel more real.

The Roto VR Chair is an interactive virtual reality chair in which the user can experience the ultimate seated virtual reality experience that is designed for all HMD’s including Oculus VR, Playstation VR, HTC Vive Pre, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and OSVR.

The Roto VR chair features and incorporates over twenty different technologies and is the result of several years of research and development by a team of technology professionals as well as game industry professionals. The accessories that are used with virtual reality games are meant to provide the user with an all immersive virtual experience. They offer features that make the game more physical and realistic and they provide a more beneficial way of limiting the amount of outside interference the gamer will experience.

To get a 360-degree experience while playing a virtual reality game, the user will typically have to stand in place and move their body around to gain the full experience of the immersive environment. Professionals felt that there was a better way to gain this experience by placing a motorized base onto the Roto VR Chair so that the chair has the ability to turn the user’s body in a complete circle during gameplay. The rotation awards the user to not lose any of the experience of the full effect by just staring forward at the screen.

Benefits of a Rotating Chair for Virtual Reality

One of the biggest problems concerning virtual reality and achieving an enhanced and realistic experience is the dizziness and balance issues that often occur when you are immersed in a virtual reality world. You may become unsteady on your feet or even disoriented.

A rotating chair can help transport you into a virtual reality world while remedying these issues that can easily disconnect you from the full experience by inflicting you with a round of motion sickness. The rotating chair can solve these issues and will allow the user to spin without worrying about becoming tangled up in cords and having the headset choke you. One of the best virtual reality games that can definitely benefit from a rotating chair would be driving or racing games. The chair lets the focus remain in the very realistic virtual world, instead of worrying about what you may be hitting when you fall from becoming disoriented and dizzy. There are also several additional accessories you can get to go with the chair for an even more realistic driving experience with the rotating chair such as a steering wheel, pedal sets, and keyboards.

Inner Ear Problems

Virtual reality sickness is a very real thing that can afflict everyone. It is not a personal problem that you face when immersing yourself in a virtual reality world, it is a science thing and can affect everyone. The biggest symptom you can experience during virtual reality is nausea or motion sickness. Virtual reality motion sickness differs from regular motion sickness because in virtual reality there is no real self-motion. It is rather a visually induced perception of self-motion that can be characterized by oculomotor disturbances and disorientation.

Motion Sickness

Roto VR Chair Features

  • Chair can turn you 360-degrees
  • No cables to become tangled
  • Motorized features to enhance the experience
  • Roto VR HeadTracker
  • Bring in additional accessories
  • Full HMD compatibility that is upgradeable
  • Resolve motion sickness issues
  • Internal tracking
  • Gravitational presence in a virtual world
  • Ability to walk using the Roto VR touch pedals

The Roto VR Chair provides you with a total immersion package that includes:

Roto VR Base and Chair

Roto VR Base and Chair

The motorized VR base provides the 360-degree experience you crave for a more immersive virtual reality experience. The rotating base can turn your experience into a journey into a new world.

There is also a special cockpit mode that limits the chair’s rotation to only ten degrees in either direction. You are given the opportunity to move around without having to worry about becoming tangled in wires or other bulky accessories.

Roto VR HeadTracker

The Roto VR HeadTracker allows you to turn your head during gameplay and the HeadTracker will communicate with the base of the chair that rotates. When you are not playing, and using the HeadTracker, you can easily store it inside of the armrest of the chair.

Roto VR HeadTracker

The HeadTracker device is also rechargeable and uses a mini-USB with an on and off toggle button. The battery can last up to six hours and can even be charged while the device is in use. The HeadTracker can also clip to any virtual reality headset including the Oculus VR, Samsung Gear VR, Playstation VR, Google Cardboard, and HTC Vive Pre.

Roto VR Touch Pedals

The Roto VR Touch Pedals allow the user to walk, jump, or run while remaining comfortably seated in the Roto VR chair. It is a digital pedal that allows for hands-free gameplay so that you can also utilize a gamepad, hand controllers, or other controllers.

Roto VR Touch Pedals

The Touch Pedals also allow the user the opportunity to connect them with other accessories such as a steering wheel and are connected through USB or 9-pin din plugs. These digital pedals are located underneath each foot and will cause the avatar in the game to move in the same direction as your body is moving.

Roto VR Basic Cable Magazine

The Roto VR Basic Cable Magazine is what allows you to have optimal movement opportunities during gameplay without having to worry about any dangling or loose cords getting in the way and interrupting your ultimate virtual reality experience.

Roto VR Basic Cable Magazine

The Cable Magazine allows the headset and other USB accessories to work without tangling the wires. It also allows continuous charging of the device with an 18-volt power socket that also supports the Roto VR Simulator Pack.

Roto VR Simulator Pack

The Roto VR Simulator Pack will add even more realistic value to your gaming experience while using the Roto VR Chair. The pack allows the user to feel engine throttle, gearshifts, crashes, turbulence, and so much more. The Double Rumble provides 50 Watts of power and is directly attached to optimal locations on the chair which provide a more realistic and immersive experience.

The Roto VR Amplifier also helps to filter audio signals from either a mobile device, computer, or console and the Simulator Pack is compatible with all games and movies.

The Roto VR Chair has received many awards including winning Best Product at the VR and AR World Expo in London in October of 2016. It is also featured in Top Gear Magazine.

The Pros of the Roto VR Gaming Chair

  • The chair has the ability to provide a 360-degree experience without giving you feelings of nausea or motion sickness
  • It is incredibly easy to move around and see in all different directions
  • You can easily plug in other accessories and gadget upgrades for a more immersive virtual reality gaming experience
  • The headset can be detached to reduce movement limitations. The cable magazine provides cable management so you can have the full 360-degree free rotation without worrying about the wires getting in the way
  • The chair will work with all kinds of games and VR headsets and is compatible with a lot of other accessories and add-ons
  • The chair allows for different speed settings and can have up to two rotations per second

The Cons of the Roto VR Gaming Chair

  • The speed of the chair’s rotations may depend on the weight of the user. If the weight of the user becomes higher than the speed of the rotation, then it is likely that the reaction of the chair will decrease with increased weights
  • The chair lacks grip
  • The chair has a motor sound that you can hear during gameplay which can distract some users from their virtual reality experience

The Price of the Roto VR Chair

The Roto VR Chair embodies innovation and technological advances to provide its users with a more enjoyable virtual reality experience. It is also compatible with many different games and accessories. However, the price may be discouraging for some.

Price: $$$

For the incredible features and products, it provides within the virtual reality category; you are getting what you pay for when purchasing this device. With the standard package, you will find the following:

  • Roto VR Base
  • Roto VR Chair
  • Roto VR HeadTracker
  • Roto VR Touch Pedals
  • Roto VR Basic Cable Magazine

It is an affordable way to experience virtual reality in a more freeing and immersive form and brings your gaming to an entirely new and exciting level. This chair provides limitless entertainment, with the feelings of gravity and other sensations, which provide a more realistic experience.

The Roto VR Chair does not take up an excessive amount of space, it is priced affordably, there are no wires to worry about tangling or tripping on, and it is compatible with several virtual reality devices you may already have. It also lessens the effects of motion sickness that may be typical while playing virtual reality games.

Upgrades for the Roto VR Chair

Price: $$$$

While the affordable price will give you the base model chair, you can also purchase the entire package that includes the following:

  • Roto VR Chair
  • Roto VR HeadTracker
  • Roto VR Touch Pedals
  • Roto VR Table
  • Roto VR Double Simulator Pack
  • Roto VR Advanced Cable Magazine

The total package does not include the headset or steering wheel accessory; these need to be purchased separately.

Other Add-Ons to Purchase Separately

While these models provide many beneficial accessories for an improved experience, you also have the option of purchasing other accessories that are compatible with the Roto VR Chair such as the steering wheel, a force feedback vest, and rumble packs.

Final Thoughts

The Roto VR Chair provides innovative technology that is geared toward creating a more realistic, sensory stimulating, and immersive gaming experience when it comes to the ever-growing world of virtual reality.

The affordable price and latest technology all keep the average gamers needs and desires in mind. With attacking the motion sickness side effect of virtual gaming to the unnecessary inconvenience of tangled cables and wires, the Roto VR Chair provides a fantastic and one of a kind experience for any gamer that is looking to improve the quality and depth of their gaming experiences.

The compatibility of the chair with virtually any type of headset or game makes it an even better option and then throw in the variety of accessories to add to the experience, it makes it a must-have for any serious gamer that is looking to take their gameplay to a higher level.

The Roto VR Chair adds value to any virtual reality gaming experience while incorporating motorized turns, cable management, and double rumble effects without interrupting the experience with outside stimuli or distractions. It offers the user the chance to experience a 360-degree movement ability without having to leave the chair while giving a sense of weightlessness and reduced disorientation while moving.

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