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If mobile VR headsets are the budget friendly versions of virtual reality headsets, than the Google Cardboard is the ultimate in cost effective virtual reality. This newest edition on their Cardboard line maintains the commitment to being ultra cheap but manages to squeeze in a couple modifications that make it a definite improvement on their older designs.

Checkout some of the pros and cons of the EightOnes VR Google Cardboard Kit below.


Older editions of the Cardboard didn’t have any head straps. So it was essentially a sort of view finder or set of binoculars in the sense that you had to constantly hold it up to your face. This new edition comes with a head strap to secure it to your face and keep your hands free. That means you can use it for longer periods without getting tired out.

EightOnes VR Google Cardboard Kit Package

The Cardboard is actually made of cardboard (which is why it’s so affordable) and it used to just look like you were holding a cardboard box on your face. Now, it’s got a nice jet black coating that gives it a little bit more of an upscale appearance.

The biggest appeal of the Cardboard is that it is just so darn affordable. It is the cheapest headset you can get. So if you are curious about virtual reality but not curious enough to really spend money on it, this is the perfect compromise.

The outer case has a hole positioned perfectly so that you can use your phone’s camera features. That means this is not just a virtual reality headset but an augmented reality headset as well!

This is also definitely one of the easiest headsets to set up. You will be up and running in about 2 minutes!

It might not look like it but because this is so lightweight, it’s pretty comfortable to wear. There’s no extra padding or anything but it’s also not going to press down on your nose or face excessively since it is airy, lightweight cardboard.


This is really as bare bones as it gets. So if you are the type of person who enjoy all the bells and whistles, you will be disappointed here. And if you are expecting a transformative VR experience, you won’t get it.

This is not meant to be the ultimate in VR experience. It’s meant to be a good enough taste to get you excited for what else is out there.

EightOnes VR Google Cardboard Kit Held in Hand

Final Word

If you are looking for the most affordable possible option, Google has got you covered with the ultra low cost Cardboard. And if you still want a sleeker design despite the low cost, this new edition of the Cardboard is a great choice. However, if you are a fan of extra features and gadgets, this VR headset is going to feel a little bit too simplistic for you.

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