OPTIC Virtual Reality Headset Glasses For 3D Movies And Games

If you want to get a taste of virtual reality using little more than the smartphone you already own, what you need is a good mobile virtual reality headset that is compatible with your phone. Finding the right balance of dependability, quality, and compatibility is a challenge and the fact that you have dozens of options doesn’t seem to help matters.

To help you in your research, we’ve put together a quick review of the pros and cons of the OPTIC virtual reality headset. Keep reading to see if this model meets your needs and priorities.


Sadly, the Optic VR Headset has been discontinued. Check out the wildly popular BNext VR Headset that is a much better alternative.


The headset has a head strap, padding, and a nice lightweight design that all contribute to making it a very comfortable experience. This is an important point to consider because any headset has to be pressed up against your face and after a while, it can start to pinch or rub in uncomfortable ways. This one will not do that so you can enjoy virtual reality in comfort for longer periods of time.

OPTIC Virtual Reality Headset Glasses Design

The price is one of the most attractive points about this headset. It is on the lower end of the price spectrum. But what makes that extra appealing is the fact that, even for being so low priced, it still managed to pack in quite a lot of extra features to make your VR experience better.

One of those great features is adjustability. You can adjust the lenses to match the distance between your eyes which goes a long way toward making your VR experience more immersive and enjoyable—and less likely to cause VR sickness!


While it does pack a surprising number of features in for the low price, the features don’t work as great as they could. For example, the lenses are adjustable, but they don’t have as many setting as other models have.

So you do get a lot of features but each feature is somewhat more limited in its functionality. If you were leaning toward buying this based on any particular feature, I would suggest looking into it more to make sure it can function as well as you need it to.

OPTIC Virtual Reality Headset Glasses With Smartphone

Final Word

This mobile VR headset is surprisingly well built and designed considering how low the price is. With the comfortable cushioning, the augmented reality capability, and the adjustability, you get a lot of the nice features that you expect in more expensive models.

However, the features aren’t as fully developed as they are in a more expensive headset. So if you need any particular feature to function as optimally as possible, you may want to check out a more expensive mobile VR headset.

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