About Us

We’re big fans of new technology. One of our favorite types of technology has finally progressed to the point that it can go beyond the government, military, and commercial markets. What we’re talking about is virtual reality! It’s finally at a point where it is being introduced into the home in a big way. It’s been around for many years, but price and apps focused on consumers (aka games!) have been slow to come to the market. In our opinion, 2016 is just the beginning of having virtual reality everywhere. 

​Why We Started VRInsite.com

Up until now, getting a working virtual reality system for a consumer was literally a science project. Buy parts here, build a PC there, get a headset and an app, read up on online forums, and hope it all works. As more and more products enter the consumer market, alot of confusion has come along with it. This confusion is the reason why we started vrinsite.com.

What Is So Confusing

TV commercials display seniors and kids using virtual reality. They make it look so easy, with the innuendo that anyone can buy it and have it running in minutes. ​In reality, these are the common questions we’ve heard:

  • Does this work with my iPhone?
  • ​Do I need a PC to run this headset?
  • Is my laptop powerful enough to run this VR headset?
  • What are the best VR apps I should buy?

In our opinion, 2016 is the turning point for the virtual reality marketplace. As Bill Gates had a dream to put a PC in every home, we think it’s just a matter of time until we see virtual reality in every home. 

​Who Are We

We are a group of folks, mainly engineers, who love new technology. We love to tinker, test, and push the limits of computer driven technology. One of our reviewers, Rick, has a history in the US Army where he participated in war simulation games on a massive network. He also got a first hand taste of virtual reality on a tank simulator back in the 90’s. One of the most rewarding experiences he had was helping some private pilot friends in the mid-2000’s with their training and certifications. They were taught how to use their home PC’s to keep their flying skills updated or learn how to attain more flying certifications before attempting them in an expensive plane. In a nutshell, we are virtual reality enthusiasts!

Best Virtual Reality Reviews

It is our mission to talk about new uses for Virtual Reality. How people are using it to make society better. Provide reviews on the latest VR headsets, VR controllers, VR apps, and anything related to virtual reality so you can make an informed decision on the best gear for you.​

​In Summary

Virtual reality is not new. It has been around for a very long time. But we are finally seeing it go mainstream. If you learned something by visiting our site, follow us on social media using the icons in the footer below, or sign up for our email list, and join us as we grow this website into a great source of information on the latest trends on all things virtual reality.