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Augmented reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, which in turn creates a composite view. Today, mixed reality but especially the augmented reality market has really taken off with more and more turning to its seemingly limitless possibilities. When an augmented reality application is downloaded, it is an app that has been written in special VR 3D programs that allow the developer the chance to use animation or other contextual digital information in the program to use an augmented reality marker in the real world.

Downloading an augmented reality program onto your smartphone, for example, usually requires the phone’s GPS or global positioning system, so that the app can pinpoint the user’s location and then be able to detect the orientation of the device, or smartphone, being used.

The following are some of the best augmented reality companies that are prevalent in 2017 and developing new and innovative programming regarding augmented reality.


Contus is a leading AR development and service company that provides mobile, web, and cloud-based solutions. They are headquartered in Chennai, India and were founded in March of 2008. They are a privately held company with over 300 engineers, over 80 mobile and web products, and operate in over 40 different countries.

They have received many awards and accolades:

  • NASSCOM Member
  • BMA 2014 Gold Winner
  • Clutch Top Mobile App Developers in India for 2015
  • Part of the Confederation of Indian Industry
  • Asia Red Herring Winner
  • winner in 2014

Their Expertise

Overall, they have a lot of knowledge regarding augmented reality and virtual app development, IOT development, e-commerce website development, along with many others.

Contus has placed augmented reality into the Android version of Android’s SDK support and uses the API for interacting with the camera as well as the OpenGL support. They have also created a Pub Scanner feature with other augmented graphics.

For iOS, Contus uses a Craft SDK or toolkit since the platform currently does not support augmented reality by default.

Services and Solutions

Augmented reality is considered very engaging technology that is being used by more and more web developers as they are working to create better apps.

Their biggest focus is on mobile app development and they have been finding new and innovative ways of introducing augmented reality to both Android and iOS devices. They work with several companies for mobile app development, e-commerce development, and custom software development.

Contus developed an augmented reality app that included geofacing and Beacons, or micro-fencing, for a large company to help convey their branding ideas. They made sure that the app was specifically designed for them and ensured customer retention and augmentation.

The Reviews

It has been reported that Contus delivers quick and high-quality service and maintains outstanding communication with their clients. Their apps will typically launch quickly and have several downloads with positive user feedback within the first 24 hours.

Female architect using virtual reality headset in office

Scope AR

The focus of Scope AR is to make an augmented reality app in just minutes. This augmented reality company is headquartered in the United States and Canada and launched their company in 2011 as one of the biggest and most leading augmented reality development companies.

Scope AR manages to bring the most advanced and up to date augmented reality technology while making improvements in terms of cost, efficiency, and even the quality of their services.

Their Expertise

WorkLink is just one aspect of the augmented reality concepts they have introduced to several different industries and this technology allows for information within your organization to be captured, coded, and quickly assembled so that the most up to date and relevant information is always readily available.

They create virtual instruction manuals and help improve training and workflow with video logs, timestamps, and user activities.

RemoteAR is another program that can either work with or separately from WorkLink and it enables users to connect virtually for guidance by way of an augmented reality toolset. It allows visual step by step guidance in the workplace.

Other Products and Services

Among those innovative products, they also offer other professional services to help improve workplace activity. They offer the following basic services for their clients, among others, including:

  • Image and video preparation
  • 3D modeling and adaptation
  • Custom Worklink
  • Project Consulting
  • Advanced training

The Reviews

Users of Scope AR and their augmented reality training products and services have reported improved compliance, increased workplace activity, and better tracked analytics. The step by step instruction was also said to increase employee comprehension, improve productivity and safety in the workplace, and reduce the amount of time that the company experiences downtime.


Aurasma’s company focus is to develop an augmented reality Android app. They are headquartered in the United States and are aiming to change the way that we interact with the world.

They are one of the world’s leading augmented reality platforms and they can turn most everyday objects into an exciting and interactive augmented reality experience. The Aurasma company is readily available to anyone that has a working email address and then they just need to sign up to begin discovering new augmented reality opportunities in their environment.

Their Expertise

Aurasma has a platform that allows users to work with a drag and drop web studio to help create, manage, and track all of their augmented reality experiences.

They have used augmented reality for a number of large mobile campaigns that delivered positive results for large companies such as Disney, AMC Theaters, Best Western, and Office Depot.

Products and Services

Aurasma is able to create immersive experiences using augmented reality that allow a company to offer their customers a unique and interactive platform to fully engage with the brand.

They also offer offline marketing to certain online channels and help companies reach their KPIs and other goals for both digital and mobile platforms. Their interface is easy to use and provides a more personalized experience for the user.

Their Reviews

It is easy to create an account with Aurasma and begin the journey to augmented reality. Once you are signed in, it will display three different functions for you to get started. These functions include Discover, Assets, and My Auras.

  • The Discover section includes a list of Auras that have been made public; otherwise known as samples created by Aurasma
  • The Assets section is comprised of two collections: Triggers and Overlays. This is where you can begin to upload your own triggers and overlays
  • My Auras is the section in which you will find everything you have created

It is easy to create an Aura, and if you experience any issues during the process, this will be recognized, and you will be offered a suggestion to help fix the issue you are having. When placing the overlays, it is important to note that they cannot be rotated. You must hold down the shift key when you are trying to resize.

You are also not able to change the name of any overlay, so the only other way to identify it is by the color of the border that is being used. You can also use the display to determine the overlays.

The interface is easy to use, and their helplines seem active and complete. They also have an easily accessible library and an editor with amazing capabilities. However, handling the 3D overlays can be a bit challenging, there is no scan quality indicator, you cannot rotate overlays, and there is no pricing information that is currently available on Aurasma’s website.

Gravity Jack

Gravity Jack has been providing their customers with trusted AR solutions for almost a decade. They were founded in 2009 by Luke Richey, Jennifer Richey, and Terry Hoy and aimed at creating a software company that was based on augmented reality.

They have received many different awards including:

  • The 2016 Gold Davey Award
  • The 2016 Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America by Entrepreneur
  • The 2015 Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America by Entrepreneur
  • The 2015 Vuforia Vision Award for the Best Interactive Product Finalist

Their Expertise

Gravity Jack develops fully custom mobile apps using augmented reality, virtual reality, 360-degree video experiences, and computer vision. They have an ever-growing client base consisting of private clients, commercial, and even defense clients.

They recently also opened their second office located in Denver, Colorado and boast of working with several large companies including Kraft Heinz, Lincoln, TaylorMade, Oscar Mayer, Coco-Cola, the Department of Defense, and Boeing.

Products and Services

Gravity Jack offers fully customized solutions regarding augmented reality and also have a research and development team that is working around the clock to find new and innovative technology for the world of augmented reality as well as virtual reality. They help to fill in the gaps of a company looking to bring improved value, design, and development to the table.

They also manage front-end work, custom content, and database management regarding web and data and can help your company direct and shoot high quality and immersive 360-degree videos from every angle.

Their Reviews

Gravity Jack is focused on the industry and help develop programs that will benefit the people they are working with. They make sure to address the specific needs of the company while providing real solutions.

Their developed technology has also been proven effective and successful over the years as they continue to make improvements and positive innovations in the field of augmented reality.


Clavax is another augmented reality company high in the ranks and promises to build an augmented reality app in just a few days. They are headquartered in the United States and Australia and help create and deploy different augmented reality apps for several different tasks.

They aim to allow users to enhance their environmental perception with more interactive, engaging, and real-time data that is being generated by computers.

Their Expertise

In terms of expertise, Clavax boasts of augmented reality apps, e-commerce development, iPhone and Android app development, and even real estate development.

Their augmented reality programs help enhance graphics, sounds, touch and smells while bringing the user closer to reality and use the juxtaposition of virtual over real.

Products and Services

Clavax is able to create and generate computerize dreal-time data and information, create interactive models, create enhanced interactive and 3D content, and project the virtual to the real world for an all-around improved experience.

In addition, they also offer application services, consulting, mobility, and product engineering.

Their Reviews

Clavax has reportedly received high marks concerning quality, reliability, ability, and overall satisfaction when it comes to their augmented reality services. They offer reasonable and affordable prices and appreciates the importance of communication with their clients.

As long as you maintain communication and can effectively express what it is you are trying to achieve, they will step up and make it happen.

Concluding Thoughts

With the many advancements in technology and the field of augmented reality, many companies are coming forward with their own research and development while finding ways to make more engaging and interactive experiences for their clients and augmented reality users.

The future of augmented reality is bright especially when so many new improvements have already been made. Companies like Apple and Google are taking advantage of the opportunity as well and have begun to combine voice recognition with artificial intelligence software to help create new and improved platforms and interfaces for users.

Even apps like Facebook have considered the world of augmented reality, and at an F8 Developer’s conference, Facebook began to show a new camera that could potentially allow them to add virtual objects to the app.

Google has come up with augmented reality programs for Tango, Microsoft, and HoloLens, and even Snapchat lenses are another form of augmented reality. So, as you can see, there doesn’t seem to be an end or a slowing down when it comes to innovative and new augmented reality technology.

All of the companies mentioned above play a large role in the research and development of augmented reality and have helped several large companies create a more interactive platform for their users.

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