Yove 3D Virtual Reality Headset

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Mobile VR headsets let you get an enjoyable virtual reality experience at a much, much lower cost. They don’t have the same high end tech that the full-fledged virtual reality headsets for the PC have but they are a great way to see what virtual reality is all about.

This mobile VR headset from Yove is an excellent example of how you can combine quality and low price in one device. Read about the benefits and drawbacks below to help you decide if this headset will meet your needs.

The Yove 3D Virtual Reality Headset is no longer available. Check out our review on a much better model called the BNext VR Headset.


This is sold at a very attractive price that just about anyone can afford. So if you want to get an idea of what virtual reality can do without committing to the prices of high end models, this is a great option.

Yove 3D Virtual Reality Headset Object Distance Adjustment

The headset fits a wide range of Android and Apple smartphones. And that includes the iPhone which is great news because iPhone currently doesn’t have its own dedicated mobile VR headset. Any phone that is between 3.5 and 5.5 inches will fit nicely here. It also lets you adjust the lenses to perfectly match the distance between your eyes so you have the most comfortable viewing experience possible.

Some of the mobile VR headsets being sold at this low price come without head straps or with cheap, uncomfortable straps. This headset has padded comfortable head straps that are also adjustable so you have your hands free while you are using it and can enjoy virtual reality in complete comfort.


Virtual reality sickness is a kind of motion sickness. It’s not at all dangerous but it is uncomfortable. This is a problem that will happen with most virtual reality headsets although it’s not nearly as bad in the expensive high end models.

Yove 3D Virtual Reality Headset Adjustable Focal Distance

As long as you don’t use it for too long, you can avoid feeling sick. And how soon you feel symptoms will depend on who you are. If you easily get motion sickness in cars, you might also experience it sooner with this device. Otherwise, just take a break of at least 15 minutes after an hour of usage and you can safely avoid this problem.

Final Word

This mobile VR headset lets you turn just about any smartphone into a virtual reality device. Play any of the awesome virtual reality games available for Android and iOS or watch virtual reality movies! There’s lots of free or super cheap VR apps out there so check out the many cool options that you’ll have once you get this.

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