B Next Virtual Reality Headset

BNext Universal VR Headset


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The BNext VR Headset is a universal headset that is designed to be used with a mobile phone. What’s really cool about the BNext is that it works with both Android and iPhone models.

What We Really Like

This headset has several really appealing features. Here are our favorites:

  • Low price
  • Makes a great gift: it’s universal
  • Immersive visual experience
  • Looks high-end
  • Great for beginners

Do All Phones Work With BNext VR Headset?

While this will “fit” most mobile phones, a key thing to consider is you need a phone that is VR capable. A key feature you’re looking for are phones that support something called a “gyro” or gyroscope.

Which Phones Are VR Compatible?

We’ve compiled a list of VR compatible phones here

Key Features


The BNext Virtual Reality Headset is a great way for someone to try VR. It’s inexpensive, uses your existing mobile phone, and provides a surprisingly great VR experience. There are much better ways to get a much better virtual reality experience but they’ll cost 10x more than this.

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