Gear VR Accessories: The 4 Must-Have Accessories for Gear VR

Virtual reality headsets are head-mounted displays that you can place your smartphone in and display an incredible virtual reality world for that true immersive experience. You have already purchased the headset but are now looking for the best accessories to enhance your virtual reality experience further.

Some virtual reality headsets use motion tracking and head tracking which allows the pictures being displayed in front of you to shift as your head looks in different directions, which furthers the experience of the user being thrown into an interactive virtual world. Being able to see your hands is another benefit of motion tracking. Most headsets use infrared sensors to track hand movements and some controllers are designed with buttons, thumbsticks, and triggers so it makes it feel like you are using your own hands in the game.

Along with the already incredible virtual reality, you receive with the device itself; there are several different accessories that you can purchase separately to enhance the effects and make the simulations feel more realistic while protecting and maintaining your phone and device.

The Gear VR is a big step up from the original cardboard VR that Google offered. Samsung has made various improvements on their VR headset such as a change in color on the body. The darker color, which is a transformation from the original white, makes the interior of the headset darker which greatly improves the viewability of the virtual reality content. With the lighter color, the light from the room could distract from the virtual reality experience.

There has also been a change in the port support. Instead of having a USB-C connector and charging port, these have been switched for the legacy micro USB standard so that they are compatible with more devices.

The Gear VR makes it possible to jump into your favorite games or movies and experience them from a different perspective. The device is made for your Galaxy and is an excellent source for hours of 360° video and gaming. They also offer a Samsung Gear 360 Camera so that you can share content including videos and photos with people quickly and easily on YouTube, Facebook, and Samsung VR.

Benefits of Virtual Reality Gaming

There are many benefits of virtual reality gaming including making learning fun and more interesting than before and can even aid in training exercises. Virtual reality can create and simulate real-life scenarios that can reflect real-life situations. It can help people train on different equipment without the fear of getting injured and no expensive equipment will be broken during simulations. People can develop highly interactive and virtual environments to help with any sort of learning experience while creating a memorable and immersive simulation. They can also be used for theoretical training and knowledge and saves on the costs of expensive real-life training situations.

The downside to virtual reality is the list of potential side effects that come with spending long periods of time wearing the headset. The headset can become uncomfortable to wear and too hot and can cause eye fatigue and even dizziness if too much time is spent playing. The phone that you are using can also become too hot and will need time to cool down before engaging in another virtual reality experience.

OtterBox Defender Series

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The smartphone is one of the most important aspects of the virtual reality experience when using the Gear VR. You want to be sure that the phone does not get damaged during gameplay, so a robust, three-layer protective case that can withstand drops, bumps, and shocks is ideal. The case also features a built-in screen protector that guards the phone against scratches and the port covers keep out any dust and debris.

Key Features

  • Drop, screen, and dust protection
  • 3-layer protection against scratches
  • ​Easy on-off functionality
  • ​High-impact polycarbonate shell that deflects bumps and shocks
  • Interior foam cradles the device
  • Exterior slipcover cushions the device and absorbs any impacts

The stronger and more protected your phone is, the better. Even the smallest scratch on the phone can detract from your virtual reality experience because every pixel on the screen is being magnified.

Be mindful of the size of the case and the phone you are using because the Gear VR provides little to no wiggle room when it comes to attaching the smartphone. It is still important to have some form of scratch protection on your smartphone when using it in the Gear VR. For the most part, the case on the phone will have to be removed during use or it will not fit properly in the device.

The following are the four must-have accessories for your Gear VR:

Storage and Portability

1. Advanced Accessory Kit for Galaxy Gear VR 

This accessory kit for Gear VR is essential for maintaining your virtual reality device to ensure that it continues to run at its optimal performance levels. The accessory kit comes with a large carrying case, cleaning pen brush, air blaster dust blower, and a microfiber cleaning cloth. The bag features an adjustable inner divider to hold everything snug and keeps all of the accessories separated. The accessories safely and efficiently clean the Gear VR lens and can aid in removing dirt, dust, smudges, and fingerprints.

Key Features

  • Fits the device snugly so that it does not move around
  • Clip-on detachable strap for easy carrying
  • ​Adjustable inner divider
  • ​Everything fits perfectly in the large bag and stays in place
  • The brush will not scratch the lens

The Arealer Storage Case for Samsung Gear VR Headsets 

Has a built-in reticular fabric pouch that can store the VR headset and related connection cable safely and securely. It has a portable design that is ideal for carrying and storing your device while protecting it from bumps, scratches, and other damage. The zipper design makes it easy to open and close and the handle strap design makes it easier to carry.

The Samsung Gear VR Case 

Includes a portable handle with a removable shoulder strap. It is shock absorbent, made from high-quality, comfortable, and secure materials to prevent any damage to your device. There is also one pocket on the front of the bag that can hold any smaller accessories. It is premium quality leather with polyester foam padding and nylon lycra fabric lining that reduces any impacts due to bumps and also helps to prevent scratches.

Having a case that you can fit your Gear VR in as well as having a dedicated space for all the accessories you need to keep your device looking like new is essential to protecting your electronics. It makes it so that you can safely travel with the device without the fear of anything being broken or scratched in the process. The microfiber cloth is readily available for a quick clean up and wipe down and the adjustable straps make carrying the bag easier and more comfortable.

Cleaning and Maintenance

2. Clarity Defog It Anti-Fog 3 Dry Reusable Wipes 

The Clarity anti-fog wipes work for hours and are infused with anti-fog that goes on invisible and does not leave any greasy smearing. Each cloth can provide up to ten applications each.

Key Features

  • Invisible once applied and provides hours of clarity
  • A single wipe can provide up to ten applications
  • ​Lasts a long time when applied correctly
  • ​No build up or residue is left behind after application

Amazon Basics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths 

Are also a great accessory to have in your gaming arsenal. They are ultra-soft and non-abrasive and will not scratch any surfaces. The cloth can be rinsed and reused hundreds of times and can clean without the aid of chemical cleaners and will not leave lint or streaks behind.

Gear VR’s can easily begin to fog up while they are in use. A few wipes with these clarity wipes will ensure a fog-free experience for several hours. They go on clear and do not leave any residue and will not scratch the lens. The only downside is the maximum applications allowed per wipe. The manufacturer claims up to ten applications per wipe, but most people find that they are not as effective after four uses.


3. Power A Moga Pro Power-Electronic Games 

You don’t have to use a controller with the Gear VR, but it provides a better all around experience with precision controls, dual clickable analog sticks, shoulder buttons and triggers, and more. The Moga Pro Power provides full-sized, console-style comfort that is ideal for extended play. It includes a Micro-B charging cable, a Moga Boost charging cable, and a tablet stand.

Key Features

  • Charge your phone while you play with a rechargeable battery
  • D-pad and four action buttons
  • ​Compatible with Android 2, 3 + devices
  • ​Similar style and design as a traditional console controller
  • Automatically pairs with your device using Bluetooth
  • Moga S.M.R.T Lock arm allows you to attach the controller to the smartphone

Having a controller for a Gear VR provides an excellent hands-on experience and the technology will securely grip your smartphone and transform it into a handheld console. The controller should be comfortable, familiar, and hold a long battery charge and this controller has all of these features. There is a small orange switch located on the bottom of the controller. Always be sure that the switch is pushed to the right when you are using the controller in combination with your Gear VR. It does require a short setup process because it is a Bluetooth controller, but it is an easy process.

Another controller option is the Steel Series Stratus XL

Many of the games that are available on the Gear VR do not require a controller to play them but purchasing one can heighten your performance and gaming experience and you can choose from a wider selection of games.

The Steel Series controller has home and back buttons and is compatible with Windows 7 and up, along with the Gear VR. It works on all Android devices, and you can play your controller enabled Steam games. It offers the comfort and familiarity you are looking for in a controller with a wireless Bluetooth connection that is just as responsive as major consoles.

Extra Memory

4. Samsung EVO Plus MicroSD Card 

The Samsung EVO Plus Micro SD Card is waterproof and will still protect your data in even the worst conditions, including being safe from magnetic fields. This micro SD card has X-ray-proof technology and is also temperature and shockproof. It is high-performing, stylish, and secure.

Key Features

  • Waterproof
  • Temperature and shockproof
  • Reliable speed and capacity classifications

The games, apps, and videos that you use with your Gear VR can take up a lot of space and fill up your phone’s internal storage. This micro SD card can add up to 128GB of storage to your overall total and provide you with plenty of left over memory for new and high-quality content.


There are many other accessories you can get for a Gear VR including a cover to enhance comfortability while wearing the headset but it is up to the user to decide exactly what they want for an improved experience.

It is important that you maintain your device and smartphone, so the accessory pack with the microfiber cloths and the large carrying case will prove to be beneficial when it comes to protecting your device and ensuring its maximum playing potential.

The three components of the Gear VR that you should pay attention to and clean include the straps, lenses, and face pad. Alcohol-free, non-abrasive antibacterial wipes can clean these components without leaving residue or streaks. To clean the lenses, use a microfiber cloth to wipe them down. You can also use a cleaning spray—like you would use on eyeglasses—to clean the lenses safely.

After wearing the device for long periods of time, it causes heat and sweat buildup. Keeping the padding clean and hygienic is important to maintaining the device. Maintenance on the Gear VR only takes a few short minutes but in those minutes, you are helping to ensure that the device stays working and inexcellent condition for as long as possible.

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