3D VR Video Download Guide

3D VR Video Download Guide

Virtual reality is essentially the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional (3D) image or environment that can be interacted with in a real or physical way by someone using special equipment that is outfitted with sensors. The Pros and Cons of Virtual Reality Virtual reality manages to merge 3D graphics with artificial senses including touching, hearing, and sight. It is most commonly seen in video games, entertainment, and other design elements and allows the user to immerse themselves in a very realistic environment, especially when used with a VR headset and VR player. Virtual reality offers an environment that closely simulates reality, can be used in various fields, offers the user unique experiences, and gives very detailed surroundings. It also allows the user to connect with other people and allows for a new method of communication. While it may seem like an amazing all-around experience, there are also several cons that should be taken into consideration regarding virtual reality. To obtain the entire setup for a more immersive virtual reality experience, you are looking at higher initial costs and the technology is still experimental. The user should also not forfeit real-world communication for that of strictly the virtual world and it can become extremely addictive. VR Terms Every User Should Know If you are planning to become actively involved in the virtual reality world, then there are a few key terms every user should become familiar with. Motion Platform: this is referring to the physical system that is being used in order to simulate display motion into real-world motion. It is the aspect of VR that gives life to the different elements Eye Tracking: this allows the system to detect where the user is looking so that they can better immerse themselves into the virtual world. Head Tracking: similar to eye tracking, a head-mounted display tracking also uses sensors to control and track movement for a better experience. It allows you to look in varied directions for a unique perspective of the virtual world you are playing in. Field of View (FOV): this refers to the angle of the visual field a user has and is measured in degrees. The higher the field of vision a user has, the better the immersion is. Watching Movies in VR There are many different ways one can experience the amazing world of virtual reality and one of those ways includes being able to watch movies in virtual reality. Watching a VR movie or video at home has become the ideal experience because it allows for far fewer distractions and the user can achieve a better VR experience. However, if you choose to watch a VR movie, it is important that you find one with a high definition image. Virtual reality technology is constantly changing and evolving but to enjoy the stage it is at now, one must be mindful of the quality they are subjecting themselves to. Having a good set of headphones is also essential to a better movie watching experience. It is […]

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Best Augmented Reality Companies

Female architect using virtual reality headset in office

Augmented reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, which in turn creates a composite view. Today, mixed reality but especially the augmented reality market has really taken off with more and more turning to its seemingly limitless possibilities. When an augmented reality application is downloaded, it is an app that has been written in special VR 3D programs that allow the developer the chance to use animation or other contextual digital information in the program to use an augmented reality marker in the real world. Downloading an augmented reality program onto your smartphone, for example, usually requires the phone’s GPS or global positioning system, so that the app can pinpoint the user’s location and then be able to detect the orientation of the device, or smartphone, being used. The following are some of the best augmented reality companies that are prevalent in 2017 and developing new and innovative programming regarding augmented reality. Contus Contus is a leading AR development and service company that provides mobile, web, and cloud-based solutions. They are headquartered in Chennai, India and were founded in March of 2008. They are a privately held company with over 300 engineers, over 80 mobile and web products, and operate in over 40 different countries. They have received many awards and accolades: NASSCOM Member BMA 2014 Gold Winner Clutch Top Mobile App Developers in India for 2015 Part of the Confederation of Indian Industry Asia Red Herring Winner Bestwebdesignagencies.com winner in 2014 Their Expertise Overall, they have a lot of knowledge regarding augmented reality and virtual app development, IOT development, e-commerce website development, along with many others. Contus has placed augmented reality into the Android version of Android’s SDK support and uses the API for interacting with the camera as well as the OpenGL support. They have also created a Pub Scanner feature with other augmented graphics. For iOS, Contus uses a Craft SDK or toolkit since the platform currently does not support augmented reality by default. Services and Solutions Augmented reality is considered very engaging technology that is being used by more and more web developers as they are working to create better apps. Their biggest focus is on mobile app development and they have been finding new and innovative ways of introducing augmented reality to both Android and iOS devices. They work with several companies for mobile app development, e-commerce development, and custom software development. Contus developed an augmented reality app that included geofacing and Beacons, or micro-fencing, for a large company to help convey their branding ideas. They made sure that the app was specifically designed for them and ensured customer retention and augmentation. The Reviews It has been reported that Contus delivers quick and high-quality service and maintains outstanding communication with their clients. Their apps will typically launch quickly and have several downloads with positive user feedback within the first 24 hours. Scope AR The focus of Scope AR is to make an augmented reality app […]

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Top Virtual Reality Compatible Phones

Virtual Reality Compatible Phones

Telecommunications has seen significant innovative improvements in the past decade. Today, people can access virtual reality content directly from their cellular telephone. When looking for a virtual reality compatible phone, it is important to understand the features and design elements that make for the top VR phones.Virtual reality is quickly becoming an industry forerunner, thanks to technological innovations made by the IT and telecommunications world. We have all seen not too long ago, those masses of people running about with their cell phones in hand, searching for an elusive Pokemon. Pokemon Go was perhaps our culture’s first taste of the emerging virtual reality revolution. The advent of mobile viewing technologies has opened up the floodgates to a wide variety of digital interface possibilities, such as virtual and augmented reality capabilities.How It WorksVirtual reality technology is a computer-based interface program that immerses the user in an all-encompassing, real-time, interactive digital landscape. Though VR technology has been dabbled with for years with the promise of a market-ready, commercial breakthrough just around the corner, only in recent years has the technological capabilities been available for the virtual reality experience to begin coming into its own. In order to understand how smartphone technology has influenced VR, first, we will delineate what makes virtual reality and the alternatives.Normal RealityLook outside. That is normal reality. Using one’s eyes to see that what is readily apparent through nature’s gift of our five senses.Augmented RealityHere is where reality gets a little crazy. With augmented reality, the natural world will remain apparent; however, will contain added elements and features which are created digitally. AR combines the power of a digital interface with the infrastructure of the real world. Pokemon Go was the first mainstream example of this technology. Using a phone, players could interact with game elements which were not in physical existence but were viewable from their mobile device.Augmented reality uses a smart device camera to continually observe one’s surrounding while augmenting the image that is viewed on the screen, according to the program’s function. In Pokemon Go, users would interact with game elements which seemingly interlaced with the real world. Pokemon could be hiding behind trees and footprints could be seen on the street and more. Augmented reality allows a user to interact with a digital interface which uses the real world as a foundational platform; however, a user’s immersion is limited to the size of their smart device’s screen.Virtual RealityWhen a user places their viewing device onto their face, it has become virtual reality. Virtual reality technology is defined roughly by complete interactive immersion into a piece of media content. VR for smartphones uses a headset which holds a VR phone just in front of the user’s eyes. The headset acts to obstruct any visual stimulation from without the VR program from entering into the viewing range. When using a VR headset and phone, a user often has a 360-degree viewing radius, which creates the effect of free-roam capability within the VR program. Users interact with […]

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List of VR Supported Phones

VR supported phones

The global telecommunications market is saturated with smartphones sold under dozens of brand names and manufacturer labels. It can be tough to tell which cell phones are designed to support cutting-edge features, such as virtual reality. If you are wondering if your smartphone is VR supported, below is a list of VR supported phones, categorized alphabetically by brand name.VR Equipment for PhonesCell phones are a perfect platform for VR, due to their integration of an image recording camera, audio playback speakers, and clear viewing screens. They can handle all of the requirements and processing necessities to support virtual reality; however, they are missing one thing: A headset. True virtual reality requires the user to be completely immersed—visually and audibly—while in motion. The only way to experience mobile virtual reality is with a VR supported phone and a compatible VR headset.Mobile VR HeadsetsThe complexity of these headsets varies from comically simplistic to highly advanced. On the simple, frugal side of the isle is the Google Cardboard VR headset. Google Cardboard is literally made out of cardboard and features two lenses between the user’s phone and their eyes. Google Cardboard was the first widely recognized mobile VR headset and was a beautiful proof of concept for the simplicity of VR headset design. On the opposite end of the spectrum, is Gear VR from Samsung. Gear VR hooks up seamlessly to any VR supported Android phone and allows the user to interface with VR content in infinitely more intricate ways. Gear VR is one of the many VR headsets that feature a remote controller with which users can interface with their phone without removing it from the headset.VR headsets range in price from less than $10 to over $100. The kind of headset that is right for you will depend on the type of VR supported phone that you own, as well as what kind of VR usage you intend to engage in. Watching your favorite movies and TV shows in VR is similar to watching an IMAX movie. You feel like you are inside the story and, for many, viewability is the main purpose of their VR use. For strictly viewing content, many of the more inexpensive VR headsets will function admirably as there is little need to interface with the phone once your content is playing. However, if you are more interested in the wide world of interface options in mobile VR, it will behoove you to look at some of the higher quality VR headsets, such as Gear VR and Google Daydream View.VR Supported Phones by BrandAppleApple is probably the most recognizable name in the industries of telecommunications and IT. Founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, the company has come to be the father of the smartphone as we know it. Apple has consistently been at the cutting edge of mobile tech innovation and digital mass media storage technologies. Apple’s list of VR phones includes:iPhone 6iPhone 6 PlusiPhone 6siPhone 6s PlusiPhone 7iPhone 7 PlusAsusAsus is […]

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How to Use VR Apps without Gyroscope Sensor on the Phone

VR Apps without Gyroscope Sensor

If you are looking for a more affordable alternative to expensive equipment and games to experience the virtual reality world, then you may have heard of the virtual reality apps you can download onto your mobile device so that you can get a taste of virtual reality without breaking the bank.If your phone does not have a gyroscope sensor, you shouldn’t worry. There are still ways you can partake in virtual reality games on your mobile device. Most mid-range priced phones do not have a gyroscope feature such as the Moto X Play, the third-generation Moto G, and some of the Samsung Galaxy Grand models. Not including a gyroscope sensor on these phones allows them to remain affordable for people, but it can also inhibit you from enjoying certain games that provide the virtual reality experience.What Is Google Cardboard?Google Cardboard is a virtual reality platform that was developed by Google and can be used as a head mount for your smartphone. It was developed as a low-cost system to encourage interest toward new virtual reality applications.The Google Cardboard works with most smartphone screen sizes and also works with apps on Android 4.1+, as well as the latest iOS smartphone applications. Google gave people the option of building their own virtual reality viewer from low costs materials, in this case, cardboard. Otherwise, they did have finished models readily built and available for purchase as well.The viewers included focal length lenses, magnets or capacitive tape, a hook, and a loop fastener. However, a lot of the Google apps wouldn’t run if your phone did not include a gyroscope sensor.Virtual SensorVirtual Sensor is a software algorithm that calculates a value such as a sensory reading so that it cannot be measured directly by a physical device for different reasons. A virtual sensor is meant to emulate a gyroscope sensor. If you want to play a virtual reality game or watch a virtual reality movie on your smartphone, then you should first determine if the phone has a gyroscope sensor or not.A developer came up with an idea that combines sensor data from the compass and the accelerometer in order to create virtual gyroscope data. The application will trick your phone and applications into thinking that this data is actually coming from an actual gyroscope sensor.To do this, you can download the Sensor Box App. This app is available on Android devices from PlayStore, and it is free to download. You can determine if your phone has a gyroscope sensor, and if it doesn’t, you can also determine if it has any kind of compass or magnetic sensor at all that can be used in place of the gyroscope sensor.To install Virtual Sensor, it is required that you have a rooted Android device, Xposed Framework, and you will have to enable ‘Unknown Source’ in your security settings. You will then install the Virtual Sensor and go to the download section in the Xposed installer app where you will search for the Virtual Sensor. Finally, […]

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Roto VR Chair: This Amazing Chair Can Give You the Ultimate VR Experience!

Roto VR Chair

Virtual reality is fast becoming a favorite pastime for those that have always loved video games but are looking for a new way to play in which they can use all their senses and immerse themselves completely into an interactive world.Virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment that the user can fully interact with in a more realistic and physical way. Many different pieces of equipment can help the user gain the full experience of the virtual reality world. There are headsets with built-in screens and gloves fitted with sensors, just to name a couple.The entire idea behind virtual reality gameplay is to block out any outside interference that may get in the way of the full gaming experience. All sensory input from the outside world is taken away so that visual and auditory cues in the virtual world can feel more real.The Roto VR Chair is an interactive virtual reality chair in which the user can experience the ultimate seated virtual reality experience that is designed for all HMD’s including Oculus VR, Playstation VR, HTC Vive Pre, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and OSVR.The Roto VR chair features and incorporates over twenty different technologies and is the result of several years of research and development by a team of technology professionals as well as game industry professionals. The accessories that are used with virtual reality games are meant to provide the user with an all immersive virtual experience. They offer features that make the game more physical and realistic and they provide a more beneficial way of limiting the amount of outside interference the gamer will experience.To get a 360-degree experience while playing a virtual reality game, the user will typically have to stand in place and move their body around to gain the full experience of the immersive environment. Professionals felt that there was a better way to gain this experience by placing a motorized base onto the Roto VR Chair so that the chair has the ability to turn the user’s body in a complete circle during gameplay. The rotation awards the user to not lose any of the experience of the full effect by just staring forward at the screen.Benefits of a Rotating Chair for Virtual RealityOne of the biggest problems concerning virtual reality and achieving an enhanced and realistic experience is the dizziness and balance issues that often occur when you are immersed in a virtual reality world. You may become unsteady on your feet or even disoriented.A rotating chair can help transport you into a virtual reality world while remedying these issues that can easily disconnect you from the full experience by inflicting you with a round of motion sickness. The rotating chair can solve these issues and will allow the user to spin without worrying about becoming tangled up in cords and having the headset choke you. One of the best virtual reality games that can definitely benefit from a rotating chair would be driving or racing games. The chair […]

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The 5 Best VR Flight Simulators: VR Simulator for Awesome Flight Experiences

Virtual reality (VR) technology is transforming the way in which humans interact with the real world. Instead of relying on the external, two-dimensional navigation of digital software, VR technology allows users to step inside the world of a program. The ability granted by VR to interface with a three-dimensional world from a first-person point of view (POV), carries many beneficial commercial and industrial applications. What’s more, one of the biggest VR trends, which has gained the most commercial traction, has been the advent of VR simulator for awesome flight simulation experiences… with a decent controller, you can feel like you are there in the cockpit. So realistic you may experience motion sickness.Humans have dreamt of throwing off their earthly bound coils and taking to the skies in flight since man first saw birds flying. When the Wright brothers invented the first commercially viable form of human aviation, a huge binding was unlocked from the ankles of man. During the space race of the 1960s, humankind cut another bond with land, when we took to the stars. Today, skydiving professionals have taken to experimenting with wingsuits as it is not enough to simply fall through the sky—but instead to soar through it. However, if you don’t happen to be a professional skydiving expert, it will be quite some time until the average person can strap on their very own set of wings—or will it?Thanks to the best VR flight simulator gear, like the Oculus Rift, Sony’s PlayStation VR, and The HTC Vive, virtual reality has been developed to the point that your average Joe can have their very own set of wings and fly from Chicago to Bangkok, without leaving their living room. Birdly, is an Oculus Rift-based VR flight simulator, created to suspend the user in the air. The player lays on a wing-frame—looking like a bird, peter pan, or superman—and flaps their arms in order to fly. As VR flight simulator technology progresses and goes through many innovations, these types of physical VR integrations will become more commonplace. However, at the moment, VR tech has only just come to fruition and the most amazing VR flight experiences are to be had by integrating new VR tech into traditional PC-based flight simulator programs.Best 5 VR Flight SimulatorsDCS World No stranger to the avid lovers of the best flight simulators, DCS World is widely considered one of the best virtual reality flight simulators on the market for 2017. The simulator runs on a PC and utilizes the Oculus Rift VR gear for its virtual reality implementation. DCS World is great for those who want a realistic VR flight simulator and an incredibly accurate visual and auditory sensation of flight. As is true with the most popular flight simulators, DCS World offers players a real challenge in learning to fly each individual aircraft. For the flight sim noob, just lifting off and landing will be enough of a thrill, to keep your head in the Oculus for as long as you can […]

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The Scariest Virtual Reality Horror Games for iOS & Android: Top 5 Reviews

Scary horror games have always been popular. Point-and-click adventure games, paranormal activity games, survival horror games and many other styles of horror have always been popular. However, with the advent of virtual reality into the mainstream, these games have hit an all-new high with ‘real life’ immersive VR. Immersing yourself in the horror genre with a VR experience is one of the greatest gaming thrills around and you can now scare yourself into having night terrors on your iPhone, iPad, or almost any Android device. Along with a quality VR headset and your smartphone, you can play classic horror games that are based on their horror movie equivalents, like Silent Hill and Resident Evil… dare you try the total horror virtual reality experience?There are plenty of choices when it comes to these VR horror games. If you’re looking for the scariest of the scariest, we’ve put together this top five list, which offers details for those playing on either iOS or Android. Take a trip through these terrifying worlds with a 360-degree view and an immersive headset that makes it feel like you’re really there. You won’t regret it… hopefully!Before we begin the countdown, let’s consider what makes a VR game scary. Any game can be scary for the right person, depending on their tolerance level for the content. For instance, a game not even intended to be part of the frightful or horror genre can be very scary for a younger player, while moderately scary games might have no effect at all on teens and adults.When determining what makes a game scary, we need to look at a few different things: Plot of the game Player’s role in the gameSetting​“Scares”GraphicsAudio Most of these are self-explanatory and are the same things that determine how scary a movie or book might be. The plot of the game is its story and the path it takes the player. It might include a backstory about how a player ended up in a situation or it might just focus on the here-and-now. The scariest plots often place players in situations that seem impossible to escape and that are situations in which a player would never want to find themselves in reality.The player’s role in the game is also a factor and closely linked to the plot. A player is usually the protagonist or, at least the victim, though this does not always need to be the case.The setting is the place or places where the game occurs, and it has a significant impact on how scary a game might be. Obviously, a visit to a favorite fast-food restaurant is likely to be less scary than an abandoned, depending on what occurs there, which is why the plot was also a factor.We also considered “scares” when compiling the list, which are the features included in the game that are meant to startle or alarm you. Think of it like you would a haunted house. As you travel through a moderately creepy setting, there are various […]

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Top 5 VR Games for Adults

5 Virtual Reality Games for Adults You Should Keep an Eye onVirtual reality experiences have existed—at least in name—for many centuries, reaching back before the advent of photography. Arguably, the first example of adult-themed virtual reality content was in the form of what used to be called a “peep box” or “perspective show.” These early forms of adult-themed virtual reality used a wooden box to contain an image of sexually-explicit material, which the viewer would pay to take a peek through a small hole on the front of the unit. Eventually, multiple photographs or explicit animation was designed to act as a moving slideshow, effectively becoming a raunchy flick of just a few frames. Today, virtual reality and VR gaming technology are actively being developed to live up to its name. Virtual reality gear, such as Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive have brought VR into multiple industrial uses for things like architecture, engineering, and design. But the real fun is still in the commercial video game sector. And, for those looking for the VR peep shows, there are five virtual reality games for adults that you should keep an eye on.Top 5 VR Games for Adults Pornographic content and explicit material of any sexual nature is not the element of priority in the best VR games for adults. An adult VR experience of quality relies on the same element which all games rely on—the user’s active engagement and the program’s interface. There are plenty of low-quality programs, demo games, and apps that offer a POV, 360-degree experience of a porn video, but the feature that separates a good game from a bad game is the ability to be a variable part of the story. For this reason, adult VR games can take many different forms.AliceX Virtual Girlfriend Probably the purest form of an adult VR experience, AliceX is the best adult virtual reality game for those looking for real-time fun with real people. AliceX is an online browser service, which aims to connect a real-life model with a user who is seeking VR companionship. The service is available for anyone with a smartphone, smart TV, tablet, or computer. However, the best experience is had from using a VR headset.Users can pick a temporary “girlfriend,” whom will keep a user company for a predetermined amount of time. It is, for all intents and purposes, a 24-hour live cam-girl website, with an added capability of being compatible with virtual reality headsets, like Google Cardboard, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. However, AliceX brings a completely new meaning to the concept of digital intimacy. AliceX is not for the faint of heart and will definitely leave you sweating. Check Here Happy Biting VR For those who are looking for an actually playable video game, Happy Biting VR will satisfy your raunchy appetite and your gamer side. Happy Biting VR was inspired by the Mister Mosquito Indie game, available on Steam. This is the best VR game for adults who don’t want to […]

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The 5 Best Budget Virtual Reality Glasses for iPhone and Android in 2017

Virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that a player can interact in for the ultimate immersive experience. The virtual reality glasses make the environment seem real in a physical way. When you are wearing the glasses, it feels like you are physically set down in the middle of the game and you have the ability to look around the setting and interact in a much more personal way.

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Gear VR Accessories: The 4 Must-Have Accessories for Gear VR

Virtual reality headsets are head-mounted displays that you can place your smartphone in and display an incredible virtual reality world for that true immersive experience. You have already purchased the headset but are now looking for the best accessories to enhance your virtual reality experience further.

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EightOnes VR Google Cardboard Kit

Assembling EightOnes VR Google Cardboard Kit

If mobile VR headsets are the budget friendly versions of virtual reality headsets, than the Google Cardboard is the ultimate in cost effective virtual reality. This newest edition on their Cardboard line maintains the commitment to being ultra cheap but manages to squeeze in a couple modifications that make it a definite improvement on their older designs.Checkout some of the pros and cons of the EightOnes VR Google Cardboard Kit below.

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Gamer Xtreme VR GXiVR8020A Gaming Desktop

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR GXiVR8020A Gaming Desktop Unboxed

High end virtual reality headsets can be very impressive experiences but if your PC isn’t up to the task, you’re really limiting just how immersive and awe-inspiring your new VR headset can be.They require quite a lot of power so the better your PC is, the better it will be able to perform. For the best performance, you should generally focus on gaming desktops that have been designed specifically for gaming. These usually feature the best graphics, sound and overall power.

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Google Cardboard vs Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift Displayed on a Table

Virtual reality is a cool new way to experience games and other apps. Even though the tech has only been around for a few years, there are already a lot of different options that you can choose from. That includes top of the line systems that give you the best possible virtual reality experience and lower end systems that are much more budget friendly.In this article, we’ll compare two of the most popular products available right now: the Oculus Rift and the Google Cardboard.

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Merge Virtual Reality Headset For iPhone And Android

Man taking Merge VR - Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone and Android Off

Mobile VR headsets are essentially head-mounted devices that let you use your smartphone like a virtual reality device. Just download some of the many free or cheap virtual reality apps and games, mount your phone into the headset and start having fun!

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HTC VIVE – Virtual Reality System

HTC VIVE - Virtual Reality System

Virtual reality is becoming more accessible to more people. When people first started developing it back in the 60s, systems were enormous, clunky, uncomfortable, and didn’t do anything particularly impressive. On top of all that, the technology was just too expensive to make it available to a wider audience.

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NSI Virtual Reality Headset

NSI Vritual Reality Man and Predator Real Emotions

Mobile VR headsets let you turn your smartphone into a virtual reality experience. While it is definitely not as high quality or immersive as a full virtual reality headset, it still lets you get an introduction into the world of virtual reality to see just what is possible today and what you can expect in the future.

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Oculus Rift – Virtual Reality Headset

Man Using Oculus Rift

In the past 4 or 5 years, the technology for virtual reality has come an impressively long way. What was once the dream of science fiction writers is now becoming a reality. We have the tech to become fully immersed in a totally virtual world. And we can do it a relatively affordable price.

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Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive

HTC Vive Headset On Display

In the market for high end virtual reality headsets, that are two names that lead the pack: the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. The Rift came out first but the Vive has definitely made a solid claim with a great product. Below, you can find a side by side comparison of the two.

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OPTIC Virtual Reality Headset Glasses For 3D Movies And Games

OPTIC Virtual Reality Headset Glasses

If you want to get a taste of virtual reality using little more than the smartphone you already own, what you need is a good mobile virtual reality headset that is compatible with your phone. Finding the right balance of dependability, quality, and compatibility is a challenge and the fact that you have dozens of options doesn’t seem to help matters.

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